Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hello - I'm new to the KAL. I've wanted to make this shirt since I saw it previewed on IK's website. I am substituting the fingering weight for this DK yarn:

It's elann.com Camila in Sky Blue (50% linen/50% cotton).

I have swatched (same yarn, different colour):

Pre-wash, the swatch measured 25 sts by 32 rows per 4". Post-wash, the swatch is 24 sts by 36 rows per 4". Obviously, I have some math ahead of me before I can cast on. I have to take into account not just the difference in stitch/row gauges but I need to factor in the >10% shrinkage. Wish me luck!

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Linda said...

You are a brave woman!! That is way too much math for me! I hope you will share your mods on the KAL for other people who don't want to use laceweight yarn.