Thursday, March 27, 2008

Slow and steady progress

I have been fitting in a few rows of knitting in between taking business classes, working extra, and taking some spinning and fiber preparation classes out of town. I am now on the bodice increases on the back. I am still enjoying the Dawn yarn and am excited to see the finished project.

I will try to post pictures of my progress next week. I'm hoping to have more time toknit this weekend while we are on a roadtrip. I also hope to see pictures of other peoples progress soon.

Happy Knitting


Trisha said...

Hi Linda,

I am also [trying to] knit the Auburn Camp Shirt. Has anyone tried a yarn other than the Naturally Dawn? I have tried two other yarns (one lace weight and one fingering), but cannot get the gauge to work on 2's or 3's. The lace weight was a 70% alpaca/30% silk, but the gauge was so loose that you could not even see the pattern! Is the Naturally Dawn really a lace weight yarn (no shops around me have it)?

Thanks, Trisha (Elmore, VT)

Linda said...

Hi Trisha,
Naturally Dawn is a 2-ply lace weight. It is small, but looks very good with this pattern. My LYS didn't have it in stock, but had a sample to look at and swatch with. They were willing to order it for me. I don't think you want to use anything too fuzzy - it would really obscure the pattern. Have you tried anything like a pima cotton/silk blend?