Sunday, April 6, 2008

One of our newbies, Monica, has generously offered to start a Flickr account to post pictures of the progress on our knitting. She has also created a button for the KAL that will be on the Flickr account once that gets started, or you can copy it from the side bar (please download to your own server). I use photobucket for posting buttons on my blog.
Alright, knitterly progress....I was able to get alot of knitting done last weekend while on the road to check out school for my #2 son. I am on the armholes, and have about 5" done (3"more to go before I can finish off the shoulders!).
And here is a close-up of the waist shaping....
And yes, I am still having fun with it. I have been relaxing and enjoying the novelty of the laceweight yarn.

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