Friday, February 22, 2008

My Yarn Is Here!!

I just ordered my yarn last week, and it is here already. I'm glad it got here so quick, I have a long weekend - perfect for starting a new project. I was able to get gauge with the US size 3 needles. I decided to use my favorite brand, addi turbo circulars. The yarn is Naturally Dawn - 50%wool and 50% silk. The color is shade 9. In the top picture it looks black. The picture below more accurately represents the color. I'm already worried about getting buttons that will look good with this yarn. There isn't much of a selection of buttons where I live, so I will probably have to find them online, or when I go out of town shopping. I think I'll probably look for abalone buttons. What do you think?


Anna said...

I keep trying to join this KAL, but haven't gotten a response! Help!

Linda said...

I re-emailed you an invite to the blog. When you receive the invite you should be able to get started on blogging. The invite comes from blogger, so make sure you allow that e-mail! If you have any more problems, please e-mail me.