Friday, May 2, 2008

Pattern Clarification

I finished the back of the shirt while on a recent trip to Texas. This picture is just a little over-exposed, but it is proof that I did it!

I started the right front and had an issue with the instructions, so I e-mailed Chrissy for clarification. In the pattern the magazine tells you to "begin working sl st at beg of WS row in St st, but continue to slip the first st of every RS row at front edge" after you have completed the hem and knit 2" from the fold line (end of side slits). According to Chrissy, you don't need to slip the first stitch of every WS row, only on the font band edge. This is consistent with the instructions for the back, where you only slip stitches while you are knitting the hem.

Soooo, this is how far I got before I realized that those instructions just didn't make sense.

I'm glad I didn't go any further than that. The pattern really isn't too complicated, the most trying part is just working with the fine yarn. I think it will be worth it though!

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